Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BlogPost: an update

Some more work done on BlogPost.. (but yet to package, sorry)

  • Changed GUI a bit to faciliate easy of use..
  • Basic Formatting is now supported (not fully though, see screenshots)
  • Ability to include links (pictures not yet supported)
  • Label/tags are supported
  • Offline blogging (saving drafts locally and editing later)
  • Ability to remember login information
If you are a frequent blogger, let me know which of the features you would use the most and if that is missing (ofcourse difficult to figure out from the screenshot and limited information). Remember, the goal is to provide a simple, easy to use client that allows to blog quickly .

Friday, July 24, 2009

BlogPost - Initial screen shots

Here are some initial screen shots which perhaps are subjected to Change..
It's still heavily under development.

BlogPost - a Blogging client

I'm writing a blog publisher got GNOME desktop using PyGTK, initially for blogger and planning to extend later. This is my first post using BlogPost.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gnome Blog - Blogging made easier!

I was thinking of using an application that allows me to post blog entries from my Linux desktop (that runs openSUSE 11.1) without having to use a browser. I think for me, web is some sort of a distraction. Whenever I wanted to blog, I try to do that when I'm not so busy (which is very rare) and so the frequency of posting blog drops. I also wanted blogging to be done quickly without much effort say for e.g. it should be able to allow me to convert my notes quickly to a blog. I'm trying out Gnome Blog, which going by the documentation is exactly what I wanted - simple interface with just what is required. I hope it would allow me to post more frequently. Let's see..