Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LWN.net quotes me

LWN.net a leading online magazine which covers quite a bit of Linux Kernel development had quoted my name in the Security advisory on CIFS multiple vulnerabilities.

To quote LWN:

kernel: multiple vulnerabilities
Package(s): linux-2.6 CVE #(s): CVE-2009-1630 CVE-2009-1633 CVE-2009-1758
Created: June 2, 2009 Updated: August 20, 2009
Description: From the Debian advisory:

Frank Filz discovered that local users may be able to execute files without execute permission when accessed via an nfs4 mount. CVE-2009-1630

Jeff Layton and Suresh Jayaraman fixed several buffer overflows in the CIFS filesystem which allow remote servers to cause memory corruption. CVE-2009-1633

Jan Beulich discovered an issue in Xen where local guest users may cause a denial of service (oops). CVE-2009-1758

Forgot to stick the url: http://lwn.net/Articles/335751/
(Thanks Nikanth)

Wondering how did I miss this.. Pleasantly surprised.